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By jove, I think you've got it!

Originally posted by longston
The fact that Jim gets good results while others may not, seems to have to do more with the antifreeze to water ratio he uses when using Water Wetter.
Precisely my point. Water *IS* the best coolant. Most owners, unless they do it themselves with complete coolant removal, have much more than 50/50 mixture. Hey, I thought at one time that "lots" of anti-freeze was better!

Per WW, you need about 20% of anti-freeze to prevent some 'freezing' due to your A/C but with that 80/20% mixture and a 12 oz of WW, you gain the *BEST* of both worlds; water's cooling properties and WW's wetting properties. All this for what? To preserve more of your horsepower due to less engine heat.

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