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I had a new Audi GT Coupe in 1986, and it was a wonderful car to drive, had good A/C (which '80s Benzes never had), a nice gearbox, and a smooth 5-cylinder engine with reliable K-jet injection. The bad things were that little things like power windows would screw up and cost $500.00 to fix after the warranty expired. (This was before Audi tried to fix its reputation with endless warranties) I have heard and observed that the newer Audi "A" series cars are of very high quality. The looks, design, colors, and interior materials and textures are far and away the most attractive of the German cars. The interior of the TT is SO cool! The A6 is available with a 2.7 liter turbo V6 with a manual transmission, and all engines in the A4 are available with manuals. M-B should learn a lesson from BMW and Audi, as well as most of the Japanese companies, and offer manual transmissions with the optional engines up through the E-class. Anyway, I think the new Audis are great cars.
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