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Hard Facts...

Originally posted by Wm. Lewallen
There are only two companies that produce ethylene glycol in the US. Texaco is the other one.

It seems as though Mercedes does not know that the Texaco plant is back on line, because they are still selling their antifreeze for about $15/gal. Maybe the extra $10 is for the MB logo.
Sorry Bill, there are at least 10 major EG manufacturers in the U.S., including BASF, Celanese, Dow Corning, Eastman, Equistar, Formosa, Huntsman, PD Glycol, Shell, and Union Carbide.

And comparing regular EG based antifreeze with phosphate based corrosion inhibitors to Mercedes Benz antifreeze is ridiculous. The only valid comparison would be with other auto manufacturers' products sold through their dealerships, or with EG antifreeze that contains organic acid corrosion inhibitors, which all sell for similar prices...

Now, on to Valvoline/Zerex. In a conversation this morning with a high ranking chemical engineer at Valvoline, I was told that Valvoline does make their own antifreeze for both Mercedes Benz, as well as their own Zerex brand. They get their EG from the BASF plant in Geismer, LA, and blend and bottle it in the Valvoline plants located in Houston, Pittsburg, and Chicago. They have no relationship with Texaco/Havolive outside of a competition for market share.

Some History. BASF has owned Zerex since 1958, and has made the Glysantin G 05 antifreeze for Mercedes for over 20 years now. In 1994, Valvoline bought Zerex, and partnered with BASF to continue to produce the antifreeze here in the U.S. and Canada. Valvoline/Zerex/BASF also produces a EG based antifreeze with a Glysantin G 48 corrosion inhibitor package that they manufacture under contract to BMW, SAAB, & Volvo.

All Chrysler products will be using a factory-fill of a specially produced G 05 antifreeze, and starting next year, Ford will also have their own formulation containing G 05 made by Valvoline/Zerex as well. GM is also looking into the possibility of totally eliminating DexCoolŽ in favor of a G 05 antifreeze. Oh, and Preston is currently for sale...
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