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A Mercedes dealership in New York lost our 99 service manual, and or screwed up and misplaced it with another car. Nevertheless we ended up with someone else's 1998 service manual, owners manual, (entire black pack). We are awaiting replacements, and in the mean time I've attempted to follow the 98 instructions for resetting the FSS in our 99 model, and nothing seems to make it reset. We have tried to reset it exactly as the 98 instructions direct, without success. We have tried it with the doors closed, doors open, going past the first position, using the first position, keeping the button pressed for 30 seconds, turning the key off and on during the process, calling a local Mercedes service center and hearing their babble that doesn't work (suggesting that we bring it in and they'll reset it), and we are fresh out of ideas.

So, does anyone have the 1999 Owners manual for the 230 SLK Kompressor, and if so can you recite the FSS Resetting instructions out of it verbatum?

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