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Traitor! (What Would The Colonel Say?)...

That's what the guy at Valvoline called you, Bill.

A traitor to the cause of a fine local company headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky as compared to a "Yankee" company like Prestone, that's headquartered in Conneticut...

But he meant it in a good natured way...

And what I was replying to from you was the COST factor you referenced. So please knock off the smart alec comments about the wineries, and the hard sell on the Prestone.

But! Surprise! Prestone even makes an antifreeze or two that are Mercedes/BASF copy-cat products. If the green stuff were all that great, why would they bother to try to mimic the MB stuff? Never mind, I gave up trying to get you to even consider the value of Mercedes antifreeze a long time ago. You're just too stubborn, and you're also entitled to your own opinion. Even if I think your reasoning is flawed, I still respect you...

As for me, I've been on the phone and the computer all morning just trying to get factual answers for these issues...

Here's some points about Water Wetter after just getting off of the phone with them.

First, Patrick does have a great point about reduced adhesion from a blown water hose. Absolutely correct and well put.

Next, WW has a specific purpose that no one is likely to fully experience or appreciate while using it in their cars to just drive around town, or on the highway. Where you really see a difference is under extreme conditions like racing, pulling a steep grade, or pulling a trailer.

I drove from my home to SF on Friday morning. The drive is about 65 miles, and the car ran great at 75-80 mph all the way, except for this one problem. As you drive south on U.S. 101 approaching the Golden Gate Bridge, you have to pull a long grade before you get there. Going up, at 75mph, my engine temperature began to climb up as high as 100C. I backed off, and reduced speed near the summit, and the temp still climbed up to 110C. As I bgan to descend the grade, my guage slowly dropped back to around 100C, and didn't get back down to 90C until I was on the bridge, aided by the cool ocean and bay breezes. If I had WW in my cooling system, the car would not have heated up as quickly, as much, and would have cooled down sooner after I topped the summit of Waldo Grade.
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