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Wm. Lewallen
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So much for the fun poking, but my wife really is a Kentucky Colonel. We went to Pineville,Ky last Fri.and we kept up with traffic in her 1983 300SD.This is the car I had to replace the radiator last summer because of improper antifreeze (MB brand) That meant driving at 80-85mph(with AC). Some of those grades on I-75 are as much as 3 miles long, and just as soon as you get over one hill you start over another one. Never did the car get near the 100C mark. The temp gauge stayed a bit above the 80C mark. Of course the car had a new radiator and a fairly fresh mixture of 50/50 Prestone and water. No Water Wetter. Or is it Wetter Water. What ever, save your money. Spend it on your winery.
Bill Lewallen; Lexington,Ky. Where diesels purr and turbos whirr....
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