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I spent a few hours this evening further checking out the central locking system. I cut open harnesses and traced wires. The circuit runs from the distribution box of circuit 30 located under the kick panel of the driver and goes under the driver's seat and passes through the plastic conduit that runs along the floor and under the seat. It then distributes r/w wires to the passenger door lock, the trunk lock, the pump, and then returns back out from under the front drivers seat and goes to the drivers door lock.

When I began working on the whole circuit was hot except for the passenger door lock. But while moving things around ... sliding the seats back and forth in order to gain access to the harness... the whole circuit went dead. The wire remained hot from the kick panel to where it disappeared under the drivers seat... the return wire back to the driver's door and everything in between was dead.

So I figure moving the seats back and forth has something to do with knocking the R/W circuit out.

The problem I have is that I do not know how to access the harness that runs under the two front seats. I looked at the front seats and it appears that if I unbolt the front of the seats they might raise up and back on rear hinges. Do the front seats lift and hinge to gain access to what is under them?

It appears as though there is a break or damaged wires in the harness that runs under the seats... or there is a connector under there somewhere. The wire has to split somehow because one wire comes out from under the seat at the FRONT of the passenger's seat and goes to the passenger door lock and two come out from the REAR of the passenger's seat... one going to the trunk lock and the second to the pump under the back seat.

So I need to get to the harness under the front seats. Does anyone know how to do this?

Many thanks in advance.


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