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My brother has a 98' A4 with a 1.8T and a 5spd tranny. This car has been an excellent car! I have driven it a few times and it is a dream to drive! Very smooooth! He has 69k miles on it from freeway driving and it still runs like new. It has held up extremely well and when it is cleaned up it looks new! He even got 65K out of the standard Goodyear LS tires. His only gripes are the service costs. $100 for an oil change at the dealer!! He has a slip for $583 for oil change and new brakes! I drove the car from Atlanta to Biloxi and had it up to 110mph in the rain and it never missed a beat. We got 25mpg round trip at 80mph and above! Awesome car! I would consider one.
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