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Jason: As a general rule, if you are not inherently attracted to a Diesel, I'd stay away. Kinda like the old Harley slogan "If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand". On the 140 chassis, only 2 things come to mind: On the earlier ones like this, make sure the AC works OK, they have had trouble with leaking evaporators. if the evaporator leaks, the whole instrument panel has to be removed to replace it, it costs a few thousand dollars to do it, takes a couple days working time. You can usually spot compressor oil coming out of the interior drains if it's a leaker. I'd almost want to warn you to only buy one that's had it replaced, seems like if it hasn't been done yet, it will need it. Second, If you buy a 300SE, 300SEL, or S320 (same name for basically the same car) these have the 104 engine in them, the 104's are all known for leaking head gaskets, so be careful there, too. If you find one you like, if it isn't at a dealership, I'd try getting it looked at buy a dealership or an independent 3rd party who specializes in MB.......Gilly
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