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Thanks for the replies! I'm even more confused now. If the fans are to come on as parallel, does that mean the driver's side fan is out? Is there a resistor or something that could be preventing it from coming on? A switch between the two? Is there any part of the fan that's replaceable without taking the whole front of the car OFF?
When I jumped the two wires with the A/C on, nothing happened. It was in the cool of the parking garage. When the car warmed the pass. side fan came on and off as it should. If I unplugged either of the wires coming out of the switch while the pass. side fan is running, it stops. Hmmm... Normally I can figure these things out. Wish I could just put the big fan from my old TD on there.
Thanks for ANY input. I'm still confused, but at least confused with somewhere to start...

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