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I am not losing fluid other than, possibly, a little
sweating down below. I used to use a little fluid but
nothing in the last six months or so.

The reason for the fluid question was that I had
a steering problem twice - both times when the
ambient temperature was in the low to mid 90's.

The problem was that I would get a little noise
and vibration when turning right (the second
occaison it was left and right) as though something
was slipping or binding. It would do it when the
car was still and at low speeds. At highway speeds
it was fine. These incidents were about 3 days
apart and has not occurred in a week.

I am concerned about the pump but I checked and I
have no fluid loss.

Most of the postings have advised checking and changing
the PS fluid.

BTW, how do you bleed the PS pump?


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