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My first bit of advice is not to drive the car until
you find out exactly what the problem is and don't
put any more money into it until you get all the facts.
Be very picky about the mechanic. Either go to the
dealer or find someone who is very knowledgable in
MB diesels.

I have a 93 300SD that had an oil problem and required
a rebuild due to a hyrdrolock (oil coming in to the
#1 cylinder and the piston trying to compress it - the
connecting rod loses).

Given the oil-problem history of the 603 engine and
the problem that I had, I suspect either 1) oil is
coming in through the head gasket (as was the case
with me) or 2) there is a problem with one or more of
the cylinders being out of round. I doubt that
your turbo charger had or has anything to do with
the oil usage.

MB does sell rebuilt engines that come with a warranty.
At the time that I had my problem, none were available
for my car so my only viable alternative was a rebuild.

The mechanic who did my work did a great job. I have
63,000 miles on the rebuilt engine. I change the oil
every 3,000 miles and use NO oil!

The bad news is the expense. The good news is, if you
do it right, you will have a great engine and car.

Ralph Burnette
1993 300SD

Ralph Burnette
1993 300SD (286k + miles)
2000 SL500
2001 ML320
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