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Thanks for your reply! I am sure one of the fans is out. The sensor of which I'm speaking is UNDER the air cleaner, and screws into the head. If you jump those two wires, the fan comes on. Over the weekend, driving with the air on, the temp raced up to near 120, and when I turned the air off, the fan wasn't running even though the temp gage read that high. I let the car sit for a couple of hours (long enough to watch the movie) and cool. The temp outside was about 75, so I would like to get it fixed before temps in Texas get to 100 (about another 3 weeks). I would think that over the 100 degree mark, the fan should kick in at some point. It gets up to that point just sitting in traffic. I'm going to flush the system again this weekend to make sure no more gunk (oil) is in the system.
I would assume this sensor on the head is the same one as near the water pump on the E320.
The water pump on mine was replaced in February.
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