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Ignition switch woes on my 560!

My lovely bride and I decided to run a few errands yesterday, all went well. Until I decided to move my 560 back into the garage. I had all the windows down, sunroof open as it was a nice morning. Put my key in the ignition....I could not get it to turn. Steering wheel locked, key will not turn. I think "I'll get wifey's key and this will be resolved". Not so. Tumbler acts like it is getting a foreign key, will not turn at all.
Thunder is heard, clouds are boiling...dash to local hardware store to get a tarp as wife has loaned our 3 to her Girl Scout troop. Just get car covered when the heavens open and it proceeds to rain for the rest of the afternoon and night.
I'm thinking "This isn't so bad, I'll look up the procedure on my maintenance cd, order some parts...". I then searched for a few threads here on the forum and my stomach began to hurt....
I think having your ignition switch fail in the "0" position is the worst, all the removal steps call for it to be in "1" to remove tumbler and then cover.
I spent all day dismantling my dash to get to the back of the ignition, and to make a long, long story merely a long story, I was able to beat off the end switch and use a screwdriver to get power to close all windows and the sunroof.
I have ordered parts but I have one problem left. My steering lock is still locked, I have pressed the release button called for but haven't been able to disengage the lock. Wiggling, twisting, cursing, beating...and I did it to the lock as well. I could use some suggestions short of destroying the steering lock mechanism.
Thanks in advance,
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