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Okay, Let's see where do I begin. I bought my car back in 1976 with 40k miles on it. After putting over 350K on it I still drive it today. It is by far the best car I have ever driven. The only thing ever done to the engine besides tune ups and oil changes (every 3k) was a valve seal replacement at about 250K, about a $400.00 job.
These cars are in my opinion and others one of the best Mercedes ever made.
I recently bought for my wife a '00 E430, nice car but in my opinion no where near the quality and feel of a 280SE 4.5
So if I were you I wouldn't waste much time waiting, however I would recommend doing a compression test and checking a few other things (air conditioning, heat system, wipers, etc.) since all of this can add up to a lot of money if they need replacement. Good Luck! You won't be sorry if the car checks out. The best 3K you'll ever spend!!
'72 280SE 4.5
'72 280SE
'92 190E 2.3
'00 E430
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