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I own a 1993 300 E with 111,000 miles currently. About a year ago it began to randomly stall occasionally. It can do it at a stop sign, at 70 mph on the interstate or going down the residential streets; has done it in cold weather and warm, when the engine has been running for a long time, or when just starting out, when turning and on a straight road. Can do it periodically for twenty miles, then go 200+ with no problem at all, can do it several times a day or go for a month or longer with no stalling. There is no pattern whatsoever of when or where it will do this, and once it stops will start up again after about two minutes rest. IF YOU TRY TO START IT UP IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE STALL, IT WILL NOT START. HOWEVER, IF YOU WAIT APPROXIMATELY TWO MINUTES, IT STARTS RIGHT UP AS IF NOTHING HAD HAPPENED AND RUNS FINE. The car runs great all the time, except for when it stalls.

I have replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs and always burn 93 gasoline in it. I had it at a Mercedes dealer in Virginia Beach last week as it stalled about seven times while driving there from Michigan, and also a couple times while driving around the city. They could find nothing wrong at all with the car and, of course, it would not stall for them!! (The dealer did not charge me and suggested we keep driving it and hope the problem gets more isolated for an accurate diagnosis rather than than start fixing or replacing things that do not need it.)

On the way back to Michigan it stalled twice both times while cruising along at about 65-70 mph on the interstate, then stalled once after we got home that night while I was on an errand. It has not stalled at all the past few days in regular city type driving.

If anyone can add any light on this problem would sure appreciate it.


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