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I ordered a new modulator valve and thought I would get around to installing it. It went out around Christmas and by end of April I still hadn't installed it. The transmission was shifting so hard that the shifter would move from D to 3 and I could feel the transmission oscillating on the mounts.

I decided that letting this wait any longer would be a poor idea. I went to a reputable shop in Oakland and they had no problem installing my modulator. They did write "Install customer-supplied modulator" on the work order; it was understood that they could not provide a warranty with someone else's part.

They also replaced the modulator piston with their part and were happy to take my $185. I got good (if a little firm at times) shifting and a new modulator that will surely last another 200,000 miles. I had already purchased the modulator and it would have been silly to insist on using their own modulator when they're the same simple, inexpensive rubber part.

I could see how you would want to avoid a customer-supplied engine or transmission. But worrying about who supplied the modulator seems a little excessive.

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