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i need help in locating a "euro-spec only" part please.

i have a '92 300e. i want to install a set of CLEAR repeater/ side marker lights on my car.
it seems no one can or will help me get part numbers and order these for me. bekkers quoted $ 29.00 u.s. for a single amber oem unit. i don't want amber and that price is HIGH. i know,i know it's a special part BUT not that special.

i do have a number for the amber it is 124 820 0421.i only have the one number.

can anyone help,PLEASE?

Mbenz- is this a big job? where exactly would i attach?

any and all help is apreciated.

i just want to make the car a little more "euro" and unique.

thanks in advance!
*92 400e 124.034, SOLD

*92 300e 124.030, SOLD
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