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Jason M.
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Hey All,

I ran a search on negative camber and didn't come up with anything that applied to a non-lowered vehicle.
Im afraid that I'm going to spend the money on a camber kit and I havent even lowered the car. When I first bought the car, I noticed a rear camber problem (after I bought it). So I put the car up on a lift and subjected it to further inspection. All of the bushings in the rear were worn(2 in each multilink arm). I changed the whole arms as I found them cheaper as an assembly online than just the bushings through the dealer. The springs were sagging and were replaced, as were the #3 factory spring pads at the same time I did the shocks. I've been under the car with a light and inspection mirror a dozen times trying to locate the problem and I don't think that it is the result of a collision. Has anyone else run across a camber problem like this? Its about neg 3 degrees and eats tires every 6 months. Im thinking that I might have to pull the rear subframe and inspect further.
If anyone is experiencing this or has , feel free to email me.
Thanks again

Jason M
1986 300E 90K miles

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