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CAN is controlled area network, it's MB nomenclature for the information bus, 2 wires taking the info from different areas of the car and sharing it. There are several SAMs on the interior CAN (there are 2 CANs to worry about, the interior CAN and the engine CAN, there are a couple other independent CANs, but these 2 are the biggies). A sam is a system activation module, it's a convenient way to divide up responsibilty throughout the car. Since the anti-tow sensor is under the seat, instead of putting the sensor itself on the CAN, the sensor "reports" its status to the rear SAM, which then puts the anti-tow sensor status on the CAN. The appropriate control module will then recieve the info from the anti-tow sensor via the CAN. Many items are also controlled in this manner, for example the exterior lights are not hardwired to the switch (well, there are exceptions there, too) but in general, the light switch is actually a control module calling for the various SAMs to do the dirty work of sending electricity to the lights. Also you notice when opening the trunk there seems to be a very small delay for the trunk to actually unlatch, that is because by pushing the button on the trunk lid is actually just a switch which signals the rear SAM (in this case) to "open the damn trunklid!"(in German, I'm sure). I would proceed with caution in regards to the starting complaint. This may not be easy, but by the same token, remember your basics. If the key is releasing (turning), it should try starting. I am unsure what the buzzer you heard is. Is it buzzing in the cluster, like a lights-on reminder? Is there a warning displayed in the cluster, in the area of the odometer field? Anyways, as far as the basics, make sure the battery is fully charged, and check for a crank signal at the starter. There may be a relay involved here, this is an unusual complaint, so I'd be breaking out diagnostic manuals if the crank signal is missing at the starter. To be honest, I am leaning towards recommending a dealer look at it, but if you are determined, let me know if you need more help. Also, if I remember correctly, I believe I read that the car should try to start even with the anti-tow removed, it might make a difference if the alarm was set when the part was stolen, so yeah, try it with the anti-tow sensor installed, then lock/unlock the car and try it again.....Gilly
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