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I would really encourage you to get the flywheel looked at before ordering any parts. If you've got some chewed up flywheel teeth, the starter won't help the situation all that much. If you can get the car on a hoist and rotate the engine through by hand (well, with a big socket and ratchet on the front crank bolt) you will be able to obseve the flywheel teeth through a hole in the bell housing just for this purpose (same one used to drain the ATF out of the torque converter, there may be another one that is used to unbolt the torque converter from the flex plate that would also allow you to view the flywheel teeth. I am also rather unsure at this point if a C220 actually has a over-voltage protection relay. I've fixed alot of earlier cars this way, but again, I'm thinking you may be barking up the wrong tree on a C220. Then again I could be full of what Farmer Gray hauled away. On the trans fluid, just make sure it is Dexron III/Mercon. On the brake fluid, definitely go with the MB brake fluid. On oil, there are just too many opinions out there, but I would suggest the Mobil1 if you want synthetic. On viscosity, probably 20W-50 in the summer down that far south. The shipping won't be worth it, buy the fluids locally. But find out about the flywheel teeth before anything else, you have to have the "whole story" before proceeding with repairs......Gilly
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