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Yes, any car with a Bendix style starter drive could have a damaged starter drive gear and ring gear. I'm not sure why the overvolt protection relay was brought up, but it could be that your car has the overvolt protection relay, I'm doubtful about the C220, but your car is a 124 chassis and I'm not familiar with that particular chassis/engine combo, it might have it. Also, to the original poster, I intend on checking on the OVP question today. I was thinking about the problem, the OVP doesn't make alot of sense for a starter concern anyways, even if it has one. What makes more sense is the starter itself or the ignition switch, but DON'T plan on buying either one, get it inspected. I am still concerned that the flywheel ring gear is either a cause of the problem, or was damaged due to the "real" problem, whatever it is (because of the grinding you heard). Has the starter acted up again since the first time it happened?
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