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I posted the following question in the Performance section of this website. Lots of people read the post, but there were no answer to my question. Maybe I'll have better luck here. Thank you!

"While reading the posts there (about the merits of k & N air filters) I saw that one of the guys modified the air cleaner housing in his 300 Series M-B to accept an additional air intake scoop. The process may not have yielded additional HPs, but it helped with acceleration. I am not brave enough (or skilled enough) to take a knife to the air filter housing and cut a hole there to add an additional air intake pipe to my 1991 it possible to use the air filter housing of a 560SEL (with its dual air intakes) in my 420SEL? I am sure that I can find a use air cleaner housing for a fair price and then add the necessary components.

Can anyone help/answer this? Thanks! "

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