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Good choice of car, but then again, I'm biased, having just bought a '96. I am of the opinion that you can expect to spend 2-3 thousand on stuff right away on a car that age. Factor this into the purchase price. You may spend less, I am a bit of a perfectionist and a fanatic about maintenance. I replaced lower ball joints, as they were finished as far as I was concerned. If you live in a jurisdiction that requires safety checks, this should be no problem, but just because it passes a safety doesn't mean someone was thorough, especially if they are associated with a used car dealer. Poke around thoroughly. My car had 55k miles. I also did shocks, steering damper, drive belt, fluids, sway bar bushings (they rattled on small bumps) and 2 tires. The comments about the '96 and it's climate control are right on. It's fantastic. Do take it to a dealer and have the climate control system fault codes checked out before buying. They don't announce themselves as do engine faults. Even this new a Benz is cheaper to fix than my old Honda Civic that I bought new in '88.
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