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My MB dealer...

was not going to let me look at the info either. I said, that I had just bought it, and wanted to know some of the details about when it had been serviced, so that I would not have to repeat what was done, or what should have been done, by someone else.

I was told that such and such was done at this time, ect, but I was not allowed to find out anything other than that.
There was not much info on my car, as it had been cared for either by independant garages, or by the owner themselves.

I can see where they would not want to give away information that would affect previous owners right to privacy, but THAT should not prevent them from letting someone know if the timing chain had been changed or if it was due..

I suppose that one could inspect things and find out if it was needed, but if you are thinking of buying the car, that would be difficult, and the owner should want to help with any information that could come from the dealer service records..

Anyway, I wish you luck on your quest for info!
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