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Oh man, that IS a nice part of town. I, or rather my company, built a big house on Perkins Lane back in '93/'94, IMO one of the most exclusive streets in the city: right on the bay but w/o the railroad tracks which are an everpresent feature on just about all of the other bayfront areas in the city.

I lived on the corner of Woodland Pk and 36th for a couple of years in an old storefront I'd converted into a live/work type space. I used to like to walk down to the Fremont Bridge and back. Moved away in '94. (Where's that smiley face with a couple of tears rolling down the cheek? )

Things have sure changed (surprise, surprise). That new PCC in Fremont is pretty nice. I like Whole Foods here in Cal all in all, bit spendy, but I hope that shiny new WF in Seattle doesn't hurt PCC too much, I mean free market competition, go for it, WOO-HOO and all, but I have fond memories of PCC myself.

On the scrollbar, I'm not sure why, it was hidden for a moment for me, but I point it out only so that people will like reading your posts more in the future, or at least, have an easier time taking them in quickly.


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