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What a nightmare!!!! I just drove an hour out and an hour back to look at a total piece of ****. Out in redneck country, I could barely understand the guy selling. He barely spoke 3 words to me. I took a good look at the bike and all the plastic on the guages were yellow to the point that you couldn't read them. The chrome was white and all the rubber including the tires were crakced or split. I told him that I talked to his wife on the phone and she said it ran good with the new battery. I sat and looked at him and he stared back..................about 3 minutes of staring later I asked if he could fire it up. It started right up but idled like crap. I asked if it was just cold and he shook his head yes. After about 4 minutes of idling I asked if the choke was off and it was. I grabbed the throttle and revved it 3 times and then it just shut off.

I could go on and on. Big disappointment. Won't budge from $1000. he told me they were only made 2 years (bull****) and there were only 4 in the state of PA (bull****)
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