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Johnson Chan
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Hello Donald,

The weather is great here, thanks for asking.

I still havnt got a chance to install my euros yet. Dent wizard was working on the roof of my car and broke the sunroof cable, motor, tracks, etc. My cars been in the dealer for over a week. I am hoping to get it back soon.

So far I like the grey market headlights. They are brand new and they are cheaper than used MB ones. I didnt know they were grey market till I got them in the mail, but if they work ok, then its fine with me.

As far as teh headlight they shouldnt haze or discolor because they are made of glass. Are you sure yours are euro lights and no US headlights? If they are glass, then you would use a good cleaner and then apply a glass polish and maybe apply rain x to it. If your car is a 91 and there has been no modifications then its the US headlights. The only way to make those look real good is by replacing them. But if you look at it, the cost for replacement lens is almost $200.00, for a hundred dolllars more, you can get new headlight assemblies!
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