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A couple of these posts seem to hold MB itself responsible for this problem, this is not the case. The MB dealers are free to do as they see fit with the service records. They are probably just trying to protect the previous owners privacy, as owners names, addresses, phone numbers are on the old records, as well as sometimes credit card numbers, etc. The dealer should be willing to check the VMI and let you see a history of warranty repairs, that info MB does have. It can also give other pertinent info, such as if the vehicle was ever "written off"-totalled-and is now back on the road. One thing I haven't ascertained from the previous posts is if the car is presently privately owned or on a car lot. If it is on a lot, the dealer should be able to help you get your hands on the records. One other thing, is if the car has been serviced at the dealer you mentioned or not. The records will be held where ever the car was serviced, so if it wasn't at that particular dealership, you're barking up the wrong tree. The current owner should be willing to show you the maintenance book, see if it has been kept up to date, also many owners keep receipts of service done, so you could ask to see their copies of work that has been done. I'd walk also if they are uneasy or unwilling to provide details of the cars service history.....Gilly
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