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The "quick and dirty" description is to remove the fan shroud (fan can stay on), unbolt the motor mounts (from underneath, there is one bolt on each side attaching the motor mounts to the subframe), then lift the engine up to get clearance to pull the pan forward and over the top of the subframe. The only real problem is you need enough room to "swing" the pan down in front. What I have to do is have the car up on the hoist about 3 feet off the ground, THEN start lifting the engine with a cherry picker (engine hoist). Just lift the engine till it won't raise anymore. The rear mount (trans mount) is flexible so won't need to be removed. The exhaust system can stay bolted on as well, there is enough "give" in the system to do this job, you're not raising the engine all that much. On your car, you may need to take the drag link off on one side also and swing it to the side to get additional clearance as well.....Gilly
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