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Clean the idle control valve by removing, putting a thumb (or something else) over one end and spraying in a good amount of carb cleaner, then capping it and shaking it for 30 sec or so, then dump. repeat until it comes out clear -- this will take a while!

Stalling while coming to a stop is the idle control valve failing to re-open at the correct time. Also check the throttle position switch for correct operation, as it will also cause stalling if the switch does not close at idle -- running mixture is wrong for idle, too lean I think.

It's possible the idle control valve faulty, too.

If the control valve hoses aren't nicely pliable, replace them (manifold side is a PITA, but doable) -- this will cure a number of ills, including curing rough idle by putting the overlean mixure back into control range.

Then, if you can cure the rough idle by jumpering the relay, replace it -- new relay cured a stalling problem with the TE, but that was only while driving.

Note that a bad OVP relay will cause all the same problems -- if yours has a single fuse on top, it's overdue for replacement.

Do also check the current draw on the fuel pumps (there are two). If one is bad, it will cause all sorts of problems when it gets hot.

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