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So the rear left window went down last night but didn't come up! Oddly enough I had the same problem with the 16v last week(was loose connection) and I was driving were I was last week as well, maybe some magnetic anomaly or something in the area? My first thought was the fuse, but the right front window still worked so no. Then today I took the door apart. I thought it might be one of the switches, but I swapped them off of working doors and it still wouldnt go up. When I "hotwire" it( bridge respective connections with 2 wires) the window goes up fine, so the motor and gears etc are fine, but with the switch nada. All the wires seem fine, no apparent shorts or anything. I tried 3 different switches on the back and 2 up front, and they work with other windows, so definitly not them. Is their some rear left window specific relay or something of the sort that could have gone up? any ideas? Thanks!
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