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Forget dummyness. What matters, is if you are at all adept at not completely screwing up the mechanical work on your car. If you want to learn, then there are no shortage of how-to books and basic survey stuff in the library from which to learn the essentials.

WITH some of that in hand, you can try your local school or library for classes on cars. ALSO, the factory service manual is a necessity, since no other books will come close to having the right info on the car. The factory books will require you to READ, THINK and prepare for what needs to be done. The other books will give you a clue as to WHY the work is done and some pointers on HOW.

Little things, like lubrication of moving parts, Not over tightening, not undertightening, Cleanliness. Those things are basics covered in other books. Ingition systems are pretty universal. Their basics, and the basics of carbs and fuel injection, or diesel engines are covered elsewhere to.

Most importantly, this and similar forums are always at your disposal for asking questions, both simple and complex.

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