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"Blackmercedes" I agree with you 100%. CD-NY has placed this same post, under different headings, at various places in this board and the answers always boil to essentially the same idea: a non-owner has no right to look at a car's service records and the dealer has no right to allow a stranger to look at the services records for a car without the owner's permission. If I found out that the dealer was letting people look at my car's service records. without my prior, written authorization, I'd sue them for invasion of privacy, plain and simple. The services records contain my address, my telephone number and, if I pay by credit card, my credit card number.

I am about to get on my high horse, but one of the biggest problems I see with businesses nowday is how little (if any) they do to protect the privacy of their customers. Hand in hand with that problem is the fact that people nowday think that they are entitled to access all sorts of personal information. That's one of the reaons why identity fraud is becoming such a huge issue for law enforcement.

I am not suggesting that a car's service history records are akin to medical records. Still, we all have a reasonable expectation of privacy and that should include what kind of work I do to my car, how I pay for it, my home address and telephone numbers. That information should be released only when and if I agree to release it.

Another reason why a dealer would not want (or should not want) to release that information is to avoid potential liability. If CD-NY (or any other buyer) claims that he bought the car based upon the dealer's showing that all maintenance work was done on schedule, then when (or if) something goes wrong the buyer may look to the dealer for compensation.

Personally, if I wanted to buy a car and the owner refused to allow me access to the maintenance history, I'd run away as far and as fast as I could. I'd be very concerned as to why he'd not release the information. I'd want to know what he is hiding. As someone else wrote, tehre are plenty of good, used M-Bs out on the road.

I bought my current car because the owner showed me service records that indicated: (a)all scheduled maintenance had been performed on a regular basis and (b)the owner had already performed some major repairs, which meant that I'd not have to deal with those repairs for another 100K or so. I'd think that the owner of the car that CD-NY is looking at would want to do everything possible to assure potential buyers that the car he was selling was in great shape.

OK, I'll get off my high horse, before I get a nosebleed...

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