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On a privacy issue between the dealer and MB, I believe this is mainly in regards to warranty work only. This info is available and printable by any dealer via the VMI computer. It will all be in "code", so the dealer will need to help translate what work was done. One big problem that I also touched on earlier is that if the car was serviced at a couple dealerships, you may be getting only part of the cars history. If you are buying a one owner car that was always serviced at the same dealer, then you're doing well. But what if the car had a major breakdown while on an extended trip? Or what if the car has been through a couple different owners in different areas of the country. Problems like these are commonplace, so be aware. The best situation is to have the present owner receptive to share the complete history of the car, assuming a one owner car. If they aren't the original owner, they are probably in the dark as much as you are.........Gilly
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