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James: You can keep some kind of ledger for the work you do on the car, like a journal of sorts. The receipts for the parts and supplies that are used in the repair could be kept in there, as well as dates and mileage at the time. Should hold up pretty well for a future buyer. On Carfax, you can get a basic report for free, so don't look a gift-horse in the mouth. I don't believe their specialty is tracking service records. The basic freebie I think will just tell you about if the car has every had a salvage title attached to it in any US state. They will, for a fee, track and see if there is evidence of odometer tampering (mileage reported at a lower value when retitled in another state). I believe they will also research with insurance companies for claims filed in an excessive amount (more than just fender-benders), also flood or fire damage reports from insurance companies, although this usually results in a salvage title.......Gilly
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