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Hello all,

I would like to first thank everyone for all their help in this project. I really appreciate it. I got the machined head back from the shop on Friday and spent the better part of yesterday putting it back in. Everything went together perfectly. Only one minor problem with the re-installation, loose fuel line. Once that was tightened, started right up. I am still having some other problems like the windows in the rear don't work but that is for a later date. Soon. One thing about the tach. It doesn't work. There is a blue wire in the engine cluster that I may have broken. I don't know for sure. Most of them are brittle from the engine heat. Is this perhaps connected to the tach? I also replaced the heater core and had the dash off. I guess what I am asking is... is there any easy way to identify where the problem is? As in the past, I would certainly appreciate any help.

1988 190E 2.3 (178,000)
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