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Yes thats why I thinks its the differential,

My jeep made same noise and its diff was bad.

Happens in neutral and at any speed, gets faster as I go faster.

So if I end up needing to replace it, what do you guys think of switching from the 3.07 in there now to lets say a better ratio for quicker acceleration at the loss of top speed.

I still have yet to take it into my mechanic. as I need to find time to do it.

The sound I have is not a whine noise or ghost noise, its more like a wobble type of noise, like something metal is uneven and grinding on one side when it rotates.

The only way I can describe it is it sounds like the noise is an out of round tire, but my tire shop has checked them several times and they are also new, and they balance out and all just fine. I do not have vibration when driving, just a noise that sounds like metal to metal contact almost, but not quite.

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