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This one was for sale around here recently. Not sure if he sold it or not. It was a euro 300D (non turbo). Looked great from 50' BUT as you can see in the pic it had been in a fender bender and ever who did the repair had done a very poor job as evidence in the photos. The rust is at the bottom of the fender because when they did the repair they filled up the drain holes and the fender joint under the hood was not done properly. He was asking $3200 which I thought was high. I did not post info about it because of his, in my opinion, high asking price.

They do come up occasionally but I already have two local people that I am looking for one for. The last one I put a friend on had around 208k miles and he got it for $1900. It had three inches of maintenance records and all it needed (other than a paint job) was a brake job (I did it for him last Saturday) and it needs the a/c system rebuilt. He is going to put his 16 yr old daughter in it later this summer.

One thing I found unique about the euro 300D cars (and this is the second euro 300D I have seen like this) is the fact that they do not have the Delco R4 compressor but another type of compressor. This particular white car had been converted to r134 and it blew ice cold - even at idle. Next time I see one like this I am going to try to determine what kind of compressor it is running and figure out what kind of bracket is used on it. There was a maroon euro 300D for sale around here not long ago that looked and ran out good. I will ride by where it was for sale and see if it is still there.

I watch the ATL paper every weekend and there were ONLY two in there this past weekend and BOTH of them were priced above $5k. Five years ago you would have found 10-12 in there for sale.

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