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SUCCESS! After getting tired of that heating thing, I decided to see how hard the fans are to replace. Taking them out was pretty easy, and to discover that the drivers side fan was UNPLUGGED. I did the obvious, put them back together, and POOF---cooling. We drove the car around town that evening with the A/C on and it never got over halfway between 80 and 100 - about 90 I guess . I switched the wires coming off the drier, and it kicks in at 2 speeds. So, the problem is resolved. Thanks for ALL the suggestions and ideas.
I have totalled 2 cars in the last 1.5 years in hit/runs. I was driving on a two lane road, a semi passed going the opposite direction. A fairly sizeable rock or tool flew off and landed on my windshield. Glass landed in our laps (just small shards). After a moment of shock, we turned around and chased the all the numbers off of it and turned it over to insurance. The windshield is ruined as well as the trim above it. Just the luck...
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