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This seems like a big job. How would you rate your experience/ability prior to this job? How would you rate the difficulty level of doing it? Was this site your primary resource for tech information? If not, where else did you go for help? How much did the project end up costing you? You referred to this as a "top end". What all did you actally do to the car? Rings, valves giudes...?

I am very interested in your response. I have a 190E 2.3 that I suspect may need similar work. I have never done a project like this and I'm being very cautious about evaluating the job before I start (If I do it at all). I have yet to determine exactly what my car needs, and I may pay to have it done, anyway.

I have learned a lot about this car in the few months that I've had it. Mostly from reading posts on this website.
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