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Originally Posted by LJ DERBY
When I drive this car it runs better than my '83 300D. It drives excellent, good acceleration and smooth running at highway speeds. It just knocks like crazy at idle. And the knock quits when you loosen the injector fuel line. Can the soot created by the EGR be blocking the air flow to that cylinder? I mean soot in the intake manifold? All of this is caused by no.1 cylinder. What really puzzles me is the increase in rpm's when the supply to no.1 is cracked.

No. 1 Cylinder seems to take the first hits becuase of the EGR (atleast I have noticed this).
Have you itallian tuned up this engine real good?
Mine makes noise at idle too but your lack of knock or anything while off idle makes me think it isn't all too terrible of a problem.
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