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Car; 1993 190 2.3

Had recent blown head gasket/rebuild w/ valve job and subsequent broken camshaft (didn't know about them there ratcheting chain tensioners), had a large amount of oil/coolant mix that got into the block and cooling system. The problem I am still having is that I have a small leak out of a small hose that appears as though it comes out of the block somewhere exiting behind the alternater, but don't know for sure where it originates or its purpose. Have to add water/coolant weekly, what a pain. The car runs hotter than it should unless you are moving. At idle or stopped at a stop sign/light it heats up quick enough to cause concern. I am wondering if the water pump is going and/or did not get cleaned out properly and thus not providing proper cooling for the engine. Are these symptoms of a bad water pump?
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