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water in foot wells

Thanks guys for the info regarding the transplant .But I have another problem thats been giving me the poops, When it rains the floor gets wet under the carpet in the back foot well and also in the front footwell on passenger side (This is driverside in US we drive on the otherside in Australia) I Have a sunroof and i have had the cassete
changed it cost a bit the old one was rusty. Now the thing is it still gets rain in from somwhere. The door seals look OK (By the way its a w123 wagon 1982 model) and i xdid try to see if water is running out of the drains as it should from the sun roof and the water flows from the inside between door and fender though a drain hole to the exterior of car .And in the rear it flows out behind the vent at the back window to out of the car. So now where else can this be comming from? Driving me nuts the car gets damp smell and windows condensate.
Any body got any ideas.

Also while Im at it my car seems to be a bit unecenomical I get 240 to 260 kms to a tank of 60 litres/thats about 23 to 25 litres per 100 kilometres is this normal for a 110 motor with fuel injection? (Thats about 12.27 to 11.2 MPG in US measurements)

This is the main reason am considering the conversion have heard that the m103 gets nearly double economy to this.

I will try to post some photos have restored and resprayed the car put in some recaro electrc seats AMG style wheels and wooden steering wheel car is mercedese dunkenblau (Midnight Blue) looks pretty good I must say.
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