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Lots of really smart people look "dumber than a sack of hammers" when they're in public. I'll bet that each of us had prof's like that in school. I know I did. Heck, maybe they were dumb, in which case they fool people on a daily basis in their lives and work. For example, when I present something controversial or tenuous before a committee or at a professional meeting, my throat dries and it feels like my tongue turns into a large dry sponge. Then I stammer sometimes. That certainly isn't unique to me. Some people get over it and some do not. During the Q&A after the presentation I make a point of waiting several seconds before I reply during which time I'm sure that my face conveys some unusual expressions--hopefully not the patented Dubyuh, "Deer in headlights" look.

In contrast, you can find any number of actors who can project deep intelligence and waves of confidence gush from them. But if they don't have script they are useless. You see them occasionally on Leno, for example. I'm thinking the various Baldwin brothers, in particular. Also Tom Cruise. I wonder who ties their shoelaces.

It's a gift, communication. That's why some actors get big bucks and others deliver pizza. It isn't intelligence that is selected for, it is empathy and sympathy and delivery.

Dubyuh may be dumb, too. But remember that he graduated from Yale then got a Harvard MBA. The assumption that he's dumb doesn't square with the education. That assumption on the part of others has resulted in underestimation of him since his successful run for gov. Ann Richards assumed he was just a dumb rich kid who wanted to play at governor. Too bad for Ann Richards. By loosing, she gave him the boost he needed to run for president.

I don't think either candidate in the recent presidential election won or lost on their pasts, contrived, manipulated, hidden or public. People generally voted for the candidate they thought could best lead us through perilous times. Most of them voted for Dubyuh. The Democrats would do well to take the message home and study it. The winner of the next election will be the one they think can do the job most effectively, not whether they graduated from college with a "C" average or speaks with unusual and sometimes funny malapropisms. Remember what Lincoln said.
'Government is like a baby:
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