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Herr Leber,
Yeah, I know, it is probably just some loose wires. I am just trying to avoid pulling the dash again. Maybe just the instrument cluster.
In answer to your question the puller is being used to pull a pin out of the chain guide. I inserted a 6mm bolt and then rigged the puller. It's a little dirty but it got it done. It actually was a pretty fun project.

J. Hidalgo,

The machine shop choice was actually a result of proximity and referral. I work up in the sticks above Bethlehem Pa. where these shops are readily available. The shop has a reputation for doing pretty good work. I would have to agree. They definately do not specialize in MB. In fact, I was known as "the guy with the MB head", obviously there weren't too many of them there. Like I said, good reputation and lots of experience, what's the difference when it comes to machining? I know the price seems a little expensive but keep in mind that I replaced everything in the head except the cam gear. All Brand New. I think with most valve jobs, they will re-use as much as possible. I don't really know for sure but I would assume.
Beyond the regular metric sockets, you need a #12 internal drive tool which as I said is available at most good automotive shops. (it looks like a torx bit but with 12 points) I will take a pic and post it later if I remember. The puller and rig came from Sears Home Hardware. As far as I can remember that is all of the "unusual tools".
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