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Originally Posted by Lebenz
Thank you both! Up until I hurt my back I exercised about 2 hours per day. Mostly hiking and bike riding. Despite that I am over weight. Once I'm cleared to resume some exercise Iíll devote the time to strengthening the so-called core muscles, but am not sure what exercises, or when Iíll be able to resume exercising. For the last week I've been riding the wave of some of the best drugs modern medicine can offer. I hate it!
I myself am in the begining of an endevour to drop 30....I don't show it becasue I have broad shoulders.....

But I know it will help my joints a great deal....I don't have back problems but I do have joint problems...but extra weight..even 10 or 20 will make a large difference on overstressed joints or vertibra in your case.....
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