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Larry Bible


Have you used a Topsider? I am of the opinion, at least on W124s anyway, that a Topsider gets more oil out than an all-night draining. Heck, when I sucked the oil out of my Diesel it actually appeared clean on the dipstick for the first few hundred miles....virtually unheard of with a Diesel. And even better results in my M119 & M103 motors! Made a believer out of me...

Further, you can also suck the oil out of the filter housing and get even more out. And if you follow the advice offered here, clean-up's a no-brainer and all you have to do is to bring the Topsider container to the recycling point.

So with all due respect to Senor Bible, I suggest you keep using those Topsiders, folks, and change it lukewarm/change it often.

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