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I have had a disk problem since I was in my mid 20's. First thing to do is shed pounds like another suggested. It'll also pay dividends on other joints later in life. Ever notice how many other problems fat people have? Being fat is a matter of lack of self restraint. I like to eat and will eat just about anything. If I can control it, anyone can.

During my years of philandering about, one of the women in my life was an MD. She advised me that whenever my back acted up (i.e.- made my legs and back hurt due to disk pressing on nerves), I should chill the area. For the past 15 years I have kept a plastic bag filled with some sort of heat sink material in the freezer. When I do something that bothers my back, I put the freeze pack on my back. A couple of applications is all it takes for me. I have learned to live with my problem in this manner and have avoided surgery.

When I work on cars, I always put a fat cushion on the fender when I lean into the engine compartment. That way I am not cantilevering my back because it is fully supported by the cushions between my chest and fender. I never pick up anything that weighs more than 30 pounds. If anything heavier needs lifting, get my wife to help or if it is in the basement, I wheel out the engine puller hydraulic contraption.
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