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yup great price. Diesels are at a premium right now. You should be able to get that out of it when you sell it if it is in ok shape. A decent 1982-85 300D T would cost that much and I doubt their prices will go much lower especially if fuel continues to be this high. My first car was a 1984 300 CD T and second was a 1983 300D T. The next generation (W124) was miles ahead IMO unless you wanted to enter a demolition derby. Granted some people have a diesel fetish or something so you may not be into gas cars but if you haven't already take a drive in a 400E or 500E. Those two cars are the best for the money IMO + you can get about 28-30mpg on the highway with the 400E. I look at people buying a Taurus, or Corolla or something and just shake my head. I would take my old 300 CD over those cars.
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